Frequently Asked Questions

Uses for Inudono

QCan I use Inudono for purposes other than a dog kennel?

Although Inudono is designed as a dog kennel, it can certainly be put to other uses. We only accept orders from customers who are committed to using and maintaining the Inudono with great care. We do not accept orders from customers who have no intention to use the product themselves and instead plan to sell it on.


QCan Inudono be installed in an outdoor setting?

Although Inudono is of a fully weatherproof construction, we recommend using it indoors.
Although the construction incorporates a waterproof sheet, which will prevent rain leakage, if left outside the discoloration of the copper roof tiles and the overall weathering of the wooden materials would be accelerated.
If you do decide to install the Inudono outside, we suggest placing it in a shaded area, for example under an external roof or eaves. If exposed to direct sunlight there is a danger that the roof could become extremely hot, which could cause the copper roof tiles to expand and distort the roof face.

QHow much space is required for installation? Are there any special requirements at time of delivery?

The Inudono dimensions are approx. W1.3m, D1.2m, H1.2 m.
For installation purposes space is required on either side, so a minimum width of 2m is necessary.
For delivery purposes the product is separated into the components. A minimum width of 1m is required to pass through doorways.

QOur dog is large, so is it possible to order a larger version of the Inudono?

We cannot alter the size, but minor changes can be made to the design. Please inquire for more details at time of purchase.

Manufacturing time

QHow long does it take to produce the Inudono?

It usually takes from between six months to one year. This long period is necessary because that the carpenters and coppersmiths work on the Inudono simultaneously with their work in the actual construction and restoration of shrines and temples. We appreciate our customers’ understanding about the time required in order to maintain the highest quality standards.