Order Process

Every Inudono is made individually to order.
Please place your order after viewing the photos and videos available on our website, or visiting us to see a sample.
Once a contract has been concluded we order the materials and start production.
Each Inudono is meticulously crafted individually by temple and shrine carpenters and coppersmiths.
As these craftspeople work on the Inudono while continuing their work of newly constructing and restoring temples and shrines,
only one Inudono can be produced each year.

1    Inquiry

If you are considering purchasing the Inudono, please start by filling in the inquiry form.

2    Interview

We contact prospective buyers to ask about the intended purpose of use and where the Inudono will be installed.
It is during this interview process that any special requests for additional features can be made.

3    Estimate

Once the delivery method and location and any special options have been determined, we issue an estimate.

4    Contract

Once agreement is reached on price, delivery date, and payment term, a contract is drawn up.

5    Advance payment

Advance payment is made, based on the terms of the contract.

6    Production process

Once payment is received production begins.

7    Completion

Once the Inudono is completed you can come to view the finished product directly, or via photographs/videos.

8    Delivery

Once the balance of payment has been received, the carpenters deliver the Inudono to the delivery location agreed in the contract.