How to purchase Inudono

Application for purchase
If you are interested in purchasing an inudono, please send an email to the below contact address with the subject line “Application to purchase an inudono”, and the following details. We will accept five orders at this time.
Visit our showroom to see the real texture in a sample. Reservations are required.

Contact address:

① Purchaser
1. Name
2. Age
3. Home address
4. Phone number
5. Email address

② Occupation of the purchaser
1. Occupation
2. Office/Work place
3. Job title, if any
4. Office/Work place address

③ Use and location
1. How to use an inudono?
・as a doghouse  ・for display  ・other purpose (please describe)
2. Place to install

④ Other
1. Requests / questions, etc.

How to purchase Inudono
Period for receipt of applications: August 17 to 31, 2022
Draw: September 1, 2022 (decision on the order in which contract negotiations will take place)
*The method of application will be notified on the website at a later date.
In contract negotiations, applicants will be asked about the purpose of the purchase, how the Inudono is planned to be used, where it is planned to be installed, and any desired optional extras. Other contractual matters such as delivery date and payment method will also be confirmed. If all contractual matters can be arranged to the mutual satisfaction of both parties a contract will be signed and an order formally placed. If a contract is not concluded, negotiations will commence with the next-placed applicant in the draw.
The Inudono is built to order and construction takes between six months to one year. Therefore, please bear in mind that from the second order onwards customers may have to wait a year or more for their Inudono to be completed.
After September 1, 2022, any new applications will be responded to in the order of receipt.

Notes on purchase

  • Please note the following points of caution when purchasing the product. We accept no responsibility for any injury to users or dogs, or for damage to the product.
  • This product is intended for indoor use. Please do not install it outdoors, particularly in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight, as the roof will become extremely hot and there is a danger of burns. Metal expansion due to heat may also cause the roof tiles to shift and become uneven.
  • The copper roof tiles are particular prone to change over the course of time. The shiny metallic surface of a newly completed Inudono roof will gradually change to a more mellow brown color with time. Wooden parts, as we are using natural wood, will also shrink over time, so gaps or looseness of joints may become apparent.
  • The copper roof tiles and wooden surfaces of this product will change color if touched directly, due to natural oils, etc. from people’s hands. To keep the product in pristine condition, please do not touch it with bare hands.
  • This product is created faithfully in accordance with traditional temple architectural designs and as such it features some pointed parts, such as at the tips of the eaves. When using the product please take care to ensure that neither you nor your dog(s) are injured.
  • The product can be disassembled into several parts, however disassembly and reassembly requires expert knowledge. Any requests to repair damage to, or reassemble the product due to it being dismantled by the purchaser will be subject to extra charges.