People Concerned

Project Leader

Tominaga Yoshiaki

Architect and structural designer. Since 1998 he has been involved in the design of new structures using traditional shrine and temple architectural techniques, and also planing of the restoration and seismic reinforcement of cultural properties. In 2011 he established Heritage Structure Engineering Design, Inc., and as CEO he overseas design and supervision services for the seismic reinforcement, restoration, and utilization of historic buildings. He has been recognized for his contributions as a structural designer to the preservation and utilization of historic buildings, and received the ICOMOS Japan Honorable Mention Award in 2017.

Technical consultant

Aoki Koji

Heritage conservation architect. Since 1973 he has been engaged in design and supervision work relating to the restoration of cultural properties throughout Japan, focusing on shrine and temple architecture. He is skilled in kiku-jutsu, the art of using only a traditional square ruler, or sashigane, to draw complex eaves designs, and has trained numerous shrine and temple carpenters. In 2021 he was accredited by the Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan as a holder of selected conservation techniques, specifically relating to early modern kiku-jutsu.

Carpentry and Woodwork

Kidowaki Toshiki

From 1997 onwards he worked as a carpenter for a large shrine and temple construction company, later studying under a famous master carpenter specializing in the sukiya (tea-house) style. During that time he was involved in many traditional building projects, including shrines and temples, tea houses, and houses built using traditional methods. He became independent in 2012 and has continued his involvement with traditional architecture, focusing on shrine and temple structures.

Copper-Roofing Work

Sakaguchi Tohma

He spent 14 years working as a sheet metal worker at a specialist company before going independent in 2019, and has been involved in the construction of copper plate roofs of many shrines and temples. In 2018 he won a prize in the National Sheet Metal Skill Competition.

Major awards
2017 Kyoto Prefecture Sheet Metal Skills Competition 2nd place
Same as above in 2018. National Sheet Metal Competition Winner
Past Projects
2017 Kameoka Murayama Shrine Hachimangu
2018 Kyoto City Okazaki Shrine Office
2020 Yamashina Anshoji Seiryusha
Calligraphy (Plaque Writer)

Fujii Hekiho

From the age of four in 1994 he started studying under a calligrapher and embarked on his career as a professional calligrapher in 2018. He has won many awards and commendations.