Thought Behind Inudono

A Fusion of Japanese Tradition and Beauty

Inudono (Dog Palace) is an elegant and luxurious abode for humanity's best friend, breaking the stereotype of kennels being crude dog houses. Traditional Japanese shrine and temple architecture is composed of graceful roof curves, intricate braiding, and detailed carvings, all created by the advanced skills of temple carpenters. It is the crystallization of the traditional beauty of Japanese architecture. The Inudono Project uses this beautiful architecture to create the finest kennels no one has ever seen.

Harness the Talents of Palace Specialists

This dog hall is produced by an active palace carpenter, an experienced sheet metal craftsman, and an engraver under the supervision of a technician of the early modern period, who has repaired many cultural properties.
With carefully selected high-quality materials and precision processing, carefully calculated proportions of parts, powerful and glossy roof curves, and delicately finished sculptures, Inuden is a building that condenses the beauty of shrine and temple architecture. We are doing it. It is unlikely that you will have the opportunity to own a shrine-style architecture. However, with this dog hall, you can own beautiful Japanese architecture by yourself.

Overwhelming Presence

The charm of this dog hall is the selection of high-quality materials and precision processing, the proportions of carefully calculated parts, the powerful and glossy roof curves, and the delicate carvings. No matter how much you like Japanese architecture, you rarely have the opportunity to own such shrines and temples.

A special supreme kennel for special people. Inuden is such an existence.

Overwhelming Presence

Today there are very few opportunities to pass down traditional techniques and skills, as construction of traditional temples and shrines decreases. In using the many techniques that are integral to temple and shrine construction to create Inudono, we aim to help to increase opportunities to acquire and use traditional skills.
At present Inudono is produced by currently active carpenters and artisans with a wealth of practical experience, but our ultimate aim is to involve young artisans, and in so doing provide opportunities to keep traditions alive and ensure they are passed down to future generations.